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Together Alone

Lucy Kaye |

These portraits of elderly Jews living in London’s East End are humorous, optimistic and share beautiful memories. Lily, Cyril, Rose, Hannah and Bleemar may live alone, but once in a....

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Ray Ono |

This film portrays a group of men occupying the periphery of Tokyo and of Japanese society. Sustaining daily existances they negotiate spaces within and outside the city.....

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Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili |

The people of Pankisi Gorge in Georgia believe that all the important issues of their lives and deaths should be solved through the meditation of a favoured authority. Altzaney is....

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Area C

Hadass Shuve | ,

Spatial planning is a means of controlling the Palestinians and their land by the Israeli authorities in Area C in the West Bank. The film reveals the planning methods which....

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Lives in Transit

Tamuna Jalaghania, Valerie Leon | ,

Since 1993, and their expulsion from Abkhazia, one hundred and fifty families of refugees have inhabited a disused building, alike a shipwreck, by a lake. In the periphery of the....

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Jacob Secher Schulsinger |

Fini is in his bed. It is dark outside and he doesn't want to get up.

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Jose Macerola, Richard da Costa |

What it takes to make a man step outside of his 9-5 job and follow a regime that will put both his physical and mental fitness to the ultimate test

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No Comment

Lubomir Halatchev |

In 1993 Martin and Georgi, two abandoned children, were living in an children’s institution. At least Georgi had documents and could be adopted. Today Georgi has a family in Sweden....

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War and Peace

Anand Patwardhan |

Filmed over three tumultuous years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the USA - WAR & PEACE is an epic documentary journey of peace activism in the face of global....

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An Egyptian Salad

Nadia Kamel |

When her young nephew hears a sermon in Cairo encouraging religious war, Nadia Kamel, long-time assistant to the legendary Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine, takes it upon herself to acquaint him....

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