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Me and Mine

Jan Dixon, Emily Dixon |

Me & Mine is a short documentary film that aims to explore the collective identity of a city's community. Through conversation with people young:old, male:female, gay:straight, black:white (to name a....

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Little Alien

Nina Kusturica |

They’re alive. Because they fled. Teenagers Juma and Hishame attempt an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, hiding in the chassis of a truck. Ahmed, Nura, Achmad and Asha have managed....

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A History Lesson

Hady Zaccak |

Who are Lebanon’s enemies? Who are its historical allies? And what is the most important date in the country’s history? In Hadi Zaccak’s new documentary A History Lesson, five ninth-grade students....

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Not Waving But Drowning

Elias Grootaers |

Elias Grootaers’s first long documentary, observes a number of Indian refugees who are arrested and put into a transit centre by the harbour police in Zeebruges, Belgium. Within the tense,....

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Annja Krautgasser |

The camp, home to Roma and located in Rome’s Centocello neighborhood, represents normality. The world outside is a “hobby” and they don’t know precisely what it is. Or it’s a....

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Salam Rugby

Faramarz Beheshti |

In 2004, the first women’s rugby class was organised in Tehran. A few months later Ahmadinejad was elected president of Iran. Over a 7000 Km journey, we meet some of....

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The Future Will Not Be Capitalist

Sasha Pirker |

The setting is Paris, seat of the Communist party headquarters in France. The building designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1980’s has long since been recognized as an architectural icon....

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Heather McIntosh, Laura Wayne, Gerardo Carballo Valiño, Giovanbattista Tusa and Kenny Ozier Lafontaine |

A portrait of Cuba in its twilight hour, poised between a dated past and an uncertain future.

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My Uncle Bluey

Britt Arthur |

No-one in Britt's family ever spoke about her uncle, and they hadn't seen him for thirty years. He was the 'black sheep' of the family. He owed everyone money and....

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Will See You That Day

Farhan Maqsood | ,

Pakkhi Vaas (Temporary Inhabitants) are the marginalised of society, inhabiting the outskirts of the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Many myths and mysteries surround their religion, lifestyle and identity. This....

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