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Cueca in London

Sahba Saberian |

According to this group of friends, dancing the traditional Cueca in their native Chile was something only ‘old people would do'. Today, thousand of miles away in London, they look....

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Adele Wilkes |

'Face' focuses on Beautiful Agony, on ongoing collaborative art project that collects video self-portraits of faces during orgasm. A filmmaker who has been working behind the scenes on the project....

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Their Christmas

Gaetano Di Vaio |

The everyday lives of Neapolitan women whose men are in jail

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Gorelovka – Episodes from the Life of a Disappearing Community

Alexander Kviria | ,

The village of Gorelovka is located in Southern Georgia. It was founded in mid 19th century by Dukhobors, a group of Russian religious dissidents banished by Czar Nicholas I. They....

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Vertical City

Avijit Mukul Kishore |

A visual essay on the architecture of contemporary Bombay. The State imagined these constructions as the realisation of an urban utopia, but in the far suburb of the city residents....

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Steam of Life

Joonas Berghäll, Mika Hotakainen | ,

Naked Finnish men in saunas speak straight from the heart and, in the warmth of rusty stoves, cleanse themselves, both physically and mentally. The film travels through Finland joining men....

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Women of Hamas

Suha Arraf | , ,

Four Palestinian women, each with a different background, discuss their lives as followers of Hamas

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River Dog

James Muir, Oscar Daniel Hunter |

An intimate look into a farmers life, and the struggle he endures to protect the river he lives by.

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