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Chasing the Dragon

Santiago Posada |

"You reap what you sow" Paul “Scruffy” Pulford is a successful gardener and ex-heroin addict who conquered his demons by understanding the laws of nature that he once pushed to the limits.

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The Chilean Building

Macarena Aguiló |

It's the story of the Project Home, a piece of my life, a deep look into my childhood and its consequences.

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Oh God, Dear God

Julia Popławska |

The arrival of noisy visitors shatters the peace of a tranquil village.

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Fragments of a Different Everyday Life

Lab. A Mundzuku Ka Hina |

A remarkable film made by the young people, children, that live amongst the massive refuse tip of Maputo. With brutal realism, and without commentary, their everyday struggle for survival is....

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Notes from the City

James McGilchrist |

Anonymous letters challenge three buskers to undertake three different journeys across London with unknown purpose and unknown rendevouz.....

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Making Dough

Anne Loriot |

Why become a baker? Five characters from a South London bakery reveal their motivation and the meaning behind making dough.

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Mosaic Europe

Anna Luttgering, Ira Hartmann |

What do people far away from Europe think of us: “What is Europe for you?” is the question that directors Anna Lüttgering and Ira Hartmann asked 100 Senegalese. The answers....

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Damascus Roof and Tales of Paradise

Soudade Kaadan | ,

Within the old city of Damascus, as modernization changes the familiar landscape of the ancient town, so the danger that these stories, cherished and passed down through generations, will vanish amidst the rubble and disruption of the new city taking shape…

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Hugh Hefner: Playboy Activist and Rebel

Brigitte Berman |

A revealing look at the outspoken, flamboyant founder of the Playboy empire. With humour and insight, the film captures Hefner’s fierce battles with the government, the religious right and militant....

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Barber’s Dozen

Tara Manandhar, David O'Neill |

Trip-you-up banter or old-fashioned nostalgia, Brian’s day job is fleeting meetings with a diverse bunch of characters sat in his barbershop chair. ‘Barber’s Dozen’ weaves their varied tales together.

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