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Other Than Our Sea

Valentina Ferrandes |

From the relics of an ancient greek colony in Southern Italy, to modern day shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea, a story of exploration told through fragments of classical literature, flashes....

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Ordinary Variations

Anna Marziano | ,

Roubaix, a city with an industrial past, is today one of France’s most destitute areas. During six months, the filmmaker asked the townspeople to think of one or more sentences....

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One More Chance

Battiste Fenwick | ,

Una Chanza Más chronicles the improbable encounter between Los Angeles gangbanger and two-time violent felon Pedro Mata and French filmmaker Battiste Fenwick. As Battiste films Pedro, the camera becomes a....

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Old Wild Lorenz

Alessandro Soetje |

Old Wild Lorenz portrays with a curious and watchful eye the world of an artist-farmer who lives in solitude on tourism, and whose works of art -- made of stones,....

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Missing Green

Anne Maree Barry |

Missing Green is a poetic journey through Cork Street, Dublin. Told in doc-essay form it reveals the past, the present and also, perhaps, the future. Missing Green focuses on what happened....

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Victor Kossakovksy |

Berlin’s Deutsche Bank building is impressive. On ground level, the cash machine is well protected and warm and on this night the rich have to step over the sleeping poor....

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Looking for Lara

Flavio Frederico |

Through a personal investigation of her niece, Mariana, the film recovers the life of the guerrilla Lara Lavelberg, one of the most sought after targets of the Brazilian military dictatorship.....

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Kortokraks – I’m just not dead enough!

Petra Hinterberger |

“Why should I force myself to be modern?” – asks Rudolf Korokraks for whom it is important not to be regarded as a Salzburg artist, but as an artist who....

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Kandahar Journals

Louie Palu & Devin Gallagher |

Kandahar Journals is the story of photojournalist Louie Palu who reflects on the events behind his psychological transformation after covering frontline combat in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006 to 2010. The....

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It’s Quicker By Hearse · The Tale of the Petitioning Housewife, the Protesting Schoolboy and the Campaign

Esther Johnson |

When Madge Elliot complained about the announced closure of her local train station in Hawick, her mother told her to do something about it, and that’s just what she did.....

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