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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next festival?
May/June 2012

What is the submission deadline?
The deadlines are (postmarked by):
Standard: January 6th, 2012
Late Deadline: February 3rd, 2012 (incurs an additional late entry fee of £10.00)

How do I submit my film to the LIDF?
Please use the on-line Entry Form. In case of difficulty using the system contact: It is a simple process but try to ensure accuracy. After the Entry Form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an Entry Reference Number. If you need to contact the Festival Office please quote this reference number. There is no need to print or sign off the Entry Form. Use of the on-line systems assumes acceptance of the LIDF Entry Regulations.

Where do I send my film submission and in what format?
The LIDF accepts preview copies in DVD format, and they must be sent to:

39d Ainger Road

Please make sure that your name, film title and Entry Ref. No. is written on the DVD. Please also ensure that you have checked your preview copy on a stand-alone DVD. It is your responsibility to ensure it plays.

How much is the Entry Fee

Short films (under 30mins) £14.00
Standard Rate £24.00
For every additional film submitted £5.00

Entries must be postmarked on or before the relevant submission deadline. Entries postmarked after January 6th 2012 must pay the additional late entry penalty of £10.00 on top of the standard entrance fee.

Late Entry Fee, including penalty:
Short films (under 30mins) £24.00
Standard Rate £34.00
For every additional film submitted £5.00

Each submission must be accompanied by the appropriate Entry Fee.

How do I pay the Entry Fee?
Your Entry Fee may be paid on-line when you submit your Entry Form.
All payments must be in UK sterling. No cash payment or foreign currency is accepted. Films submitted with the incorrect entry fee will be disqualified. Entry Fees are non refundable.

Does the LIDF accept submission of films already screened at other festivals?

Does the LIDF accept press packs with submissions?

How do I know you have safely received my film submission?
The LIDF does not send out confirmation emails for the films received. However, all submissions are monitored from the moment we receive the on-line Entry Form. In the case of non-arrival of a submitted film we will contact the filmmakers directly.

What are the restrictions in terms of length of film submitted?
There are no minimum or maximum time restrictions for submissions.

Can I submit a ‘rough cut’?
A rough cut or ‘work in progress’ may be submitted. However, this must be clearly stated on the Entry Form, and a completed film must be made available no later than February 14th 2012. Normal submission fees apply and will not be refunded in the case of non-arrival of the completed film by the agreed date.

Can I alter my original Entry Form once submitted?
No. Changes to the original Entry Form cannot be made by the applicant. However, if it is an issue of substance that would greatly compromise the film during the selection process, please write directly to:

Is a printable version of the Entry Form available?
If you are unable to use the on-line entry form you must contact the festival directly at:

In what formats does the LIDF project the selected films?
Formats vary from venue to venue and we will be in touch to discuss precise requirements once the programme has been finalised.

How many films can I submit?
There are no restrictions on the number of films you submit. However, you must remember to make a separate on-line Entry Form for each film. The first film entered is at the standard submission fee, each film thereafter can be submitted for a supplementary fee of £5.00. The LIDF will not accept multiple film entries on a single DVD

Can I re-submit my film even if it was rejected last year?
You may re-submit your film. Many films do not make it into a particular edition of the festival due to the strong competition for limited places. We have screened films at the second submission. No account will be taken of the previous entry.

Is the festival competitive?
Yes. Awards go to ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Short Film (3o mins and under)’, ‘Best Campaign Film’ and ‘Audience Award’

How will I know if my film has been selected for the LIDF?
Successful entrants will be notified no later than February 28th 2012, barring unexpected circumstances.


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