LIDF 2017
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LIDF.2 Founder Members


The LIDF.2 was launched with the support of the following people and organisations:

Lucia Tambini

T W Maine

Square Face Productions (Paul Diffley)

R Marshall

John Helde

Warp 8 Enterprises (Gilbert Gulcin)

Present Films (Ruth Schocken Katz)

Potolahi Procuctions (Mike Poltorak)

Franca Cereghini

Shafiur Rahman

Joanna Lewis

Francesca Bruni

Manal Wicki

Artgym Productions (Eugene Hughes)

Clive & Lynda Myer

Lin Li

Rodrigos Lopes de Barros

Mirjam Van Veelan

Luigi Maria Perotti

Laura Martinez Diaz


Photos from LIDF