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L’Ultimu Sognu – Last Dream in Petra Bianca (L’ultimu Sognu – Dernier rêve à Petra Bianca)

Lisa Reboulleau | 2019 | France | 33

At night in the heart of a Corsican forest a woman dreams of hunting. After killing, as she looks into the eyes of dead wild animals, she can see faces. Those of people who in real life are about to die. This is an ancient gift that has been passed on to her and comes from the depth of the island. She is a Mazzera. Today no one seems to care about her visions except one shepherd who is still paying attention.

UK Premiere

Production Company: Les Films du Bilboquet
Producer: Eugénie Michel-Villette
Cinematographer: Lisa Reboulleau
Music: Pierre Reboulleau


Photos from LIDF