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Feb 28, 2017

LIDF Paris Launch

by Patrick Hazard

In three days time the LIDF begins its association with Paris. There is some nervousness, as there always is around a new story. Some French has been practised for the opening night. Help from gentle coaching will not, alas, make it less excruciating. It has proved more challenging than anticipated to run programmes simultaneously in two cities. Happily, last weekend the LIDF found a perfect studio/workplace in Paris.

It seems appropriate that the season starts with a film called ‘Flaneurs’. That deliberately liminal figure who dwells on the found, movement, the beauty and alienation of a city always to be discovered. and re-discovered. A figure essentially alone, an observer. A sentimentalist and a critic. The LIDF is a stranger still to Paris but, we hope that in time that will change. Our programme mixes well-known filmmakers with lesser known, as it should, and it will bring the word and image together, and an audience to discuss themes and ideas that go beyond the films themselves.
During the LIDF city ramblings we are delighted to have stumbled across Lost in Frenchlation and Spoken Word Paris, two wonderful organisations. And, of course, a very welcome encounter with Matthew Lancit director of ‘Flaneurs’.
The LIDF Paris information will shortly migrate to its own FB page and within the LIDF website. I hope you will follow it there, and that many of you will be able to support Matthew and the others on Friday 3rd at the Mac-Mahon

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