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Subtitling Services


Subtitling your film is hard work requiring precision and subtlety. Maybe what you need is a native speaker to check and revise an already existing subtitle script, correct any obvious problems and ‘tidy up’. It may be that you need a complete translation and subtitling job, from scratch.

The LIDF offers the highest quality translation and subtitling service. We provide services that include translation for subtitles, timing and proof-reading. We currently specialise in the following languages:

French to English; English to French; Italian to English; English to Italian; Arabic to English; English to Arabic; French to Arabic; Arabic to French; Spanish to English

Our translators are native speakers of the target language and fluent in the source language.

Prices for translation and subtitling are calculated per minute of film. We do our best to keep our rates affordable to all sizes of production and budget. We will work quickly and deliver what you need on time. For a quote and to discuss your detailed requirements contact us at:


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