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Feb 8, 2018

Top Old Gaming Movies in Modern Cinemas

by Abi Weaver

Hollywood has always been infatuated with casinos. The love between casinos and Hollywood continues over time. Over the years there are some of the biggest Hollywood hits being themed on casinos and the event that occur around it. You can trace this trend back to the 60’s when cult movies like The Cincinnati Kid were released. Here is a look at some of the best Hollywood movies that had casinos as a prominent theme.

The Bond flick Casino Royale (2006)

Bond movies are certain to take their viewers on a roller coaster ride. However, this one had a casino as the main theme and turned out to be one of the Bond movies with Daniel Craig in the lead. The movie shows bond pitted Le Chiffre who plays the villain in a game of Baccarat that goes on for hours. The game is intense and tests the skills of bond to the extreme. In the end, bond, of course, wins the game however he must face some very serious challenges including a threat to his life during the game.

Stallone plays a card shark in Shade (2003)

Shade is a term that is synonymous with deceit in the world of gambling. That is the central plot around which the movie revolves. Stallone plays the character of “The Dean” who is a skilful card shark. The lead character played by Stallone comes up against many others who try to hustle him and win the huge payout. The movie has some very well-crafted subplots and makes up for an interesting watch.

The true story 21 (2008)

The movie 21 released in 2008 has Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fish burn playing the lead roles. The movie is based on the true story of the MIT blackjack team that devised highly complex card counting strategy to play Blackjack. They went ton to try out their techniques in casinos and went on to win millions. The movie captures the thrill ride that the MIT team is on and is filled with many interesting moments.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This movie is one hell of casino ride. The movie has a stellar cast featuring George Clooney as Ocean, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon also feature in the movie. Ocean and his gang plan a huge heist from the vault that holds millions in cash from the proceeds of three large casinos. The subplot of the movie is also interesting as Oceans ex is now dating the casino owner in which ocean and his team are planning to loot. An exciting plot, superb acting and lovely screenplay make this movie one of the most interesting in the casino genre.

Times have changed, online casinos are now the latest trend in casino gaming and so is the rise in online mobile casinos such as MonsterCasino and many others. They provide a ton of interesting features for the casino players, you never know when online casinos will inspire yet another Hollywood flick. Time to experience the thrill of the casino games from the comfort of your home!

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