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Feb 23, 2018

Top 5 Classic Gaming Movies of all Time

by Patrick Hazard

Thrilling movies have always been a part and parcel of Hollywood. Time and directors have come up with some amazing stories that revolve around the gambling world which has captivated audiences from across the world. Be it the nerve-wracking heist in Ocean’s eleven or the highly tense game of Baccarat in the Bond flick Casino Royale these movies never cease to amaze the public.

There are loads of gaming-related movies, many of which have been huge commercial successes. Here are our suggestions for must-see well-known classic gaming movies of all time:

Ocean’s Eleven the classic heist

A gang of eleven criminal’s masterminds an operation to steal 150 million from a vault that holds the cash of three of the biggest casinos. The group leader Ocean George Clooney and the casino owner Terry played by Garcia fight it out in one of the best casinos themed heist movies ever made. The heist takes a personal angle because Terry is now dating Oceans girlfriend played by Julia Roberts.


The plot of this movie is based on the dream that gangster Bugsy Siegel had. His vision was to build a gambling paradise right in the middle of the Nevada desert which later become known as Las Vegas. However, the events following his relationship with Virginia Hill lead to his murder and he never can see his dream come true.


This movie was based on the Nicholas Peggi book which was about the events that unfolded in Las Vegas during the 70’s and the 80’s. With Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone in the lead, this flick directed by Martin Scorsese unfolds the events in the life of Tangiers casino owner Sam Rosenthal. The movie portrays his rise and fall and gives the audience a peek into the dirty side of Las Vegas during those times.

Casino Royale

Bond movies always have their style and glamour. Casino Royale that had Daniel Craig revolves around a high stakes Baccarat game set up the Le Chifer the villain in the movie. The intense battle on the tables between Bond and the villain is picturized in a very gripping fashion. Bond gets poisoned during the game but comes back to win the game.


Movies associated with casinos and gambling are always about glitz and glamour. Dirty dealings and high rollers. However, Croupier takes a different note and presents the story from the perspective of a dealer. The stage is set in London in small card rooms and the movie presents a completely raw and rough side of the casino world in front of the audience.

With the advancement in the internet, there has been a massive rise in casino and Internet Bingo sites where you can play your favourite games which are fast growing in popularity.

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