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Mar 16, 2018

Top Gambling Movies to Watch on Netflix

by Patrick Hazard

Gambling movies have been rocking the charts at movie zones. You could take a break and watch some fantastic gambling movies you’ll find on Netflix. Casino movies show the atmosphere and the happenings of the real casino. Sometimes, you may want to get a little closer to a real casino, and the best way to do that from your couch at home is to watch gambling movies.

Here’s a look at some movies you can watch on Netflix right now.

Watch the action in Eight Men Out

This classic thriller Eight Men Out was released in 1988, but don’t be put off by the age. Some movies age well. If you enjoy baseball, you’ll enjoy this movie. It is a story of what happened in 1918 with Shoeless Joe Jackson and Chicago White Sox. Eight of the team members were banned after they were found to have thrown the World Series that year for loads of gamblers’ cash. Left-fielder Shoeless Joe took the money, but this movie is not about him but the seven others who were banned and what happened afterwards.

Watch and find out Who’s Got the Action?

This classic movie from the sixties stars heartthrob James Dean as a man who is addicted to gambling. His wife is looking for any way to get him to kick his habit, and the results are hilarious especially when the mob gets involved.

Here is what happens in Life on the Line

Life on the Line is a fascinating documentary that looks at the lives of those who make a living off betting. It is set over the weeks before the Super Bowl and follows some professionals who throw in everything on Super Bowl Sunday. They are high rollers who even end up putting their jobs and livelihoods at risk. If you enjoy gambling at live casinos, or even at mobile casinos, you’ll enjoy this documentary.

Want to Lay the Favourite table for yourself?

This 2012 movie is a romance based on a nonfiction story of the relationship between a gambler and a stripper. Bruce Willis plays the gambler, across Rebecca Hall’s stripper. It is a comedy that sees the jaded stripper who tries her hand at sports betting at offshore casinos, learning the ropes from Bruce Willis, who is a pro gambler. They begin to win, and the two hit it off romantically. But Bruce Willis is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is jealous and plans to get rid of her.

Croupier – An interesting bit

Clive Owen stars in this movie from 2000, a struggling writer who is trying to make some bucks as a croupier. He’s willing to slum for real experience, which is not a new theme in Hollywood. But Owen does a fantastic job playing the writer and showcasing how things get complicated when he starts a relationship with another croupier against the rules of the casino.

There are a couple of other movies that are also worth checkout out from time to time. These include Rounders, 21, Double Down Hard Four and Mugshots. Check them out!










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