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Colours at the End of the World (Los Colores del Fin del Mundo)

In 2006, Benetton celebrated 40 years in business. 40 years of a high-profile commitment to social issues and racial equality.

But at the same time as promoting its “united colours” through highly controversial ad campaigns, the company was allegedly evicting an unemployed indigenous Mapuche couple who had settled on 385 hectares of Benetton land in Argentina to raise goats and grow vegetables. Police enforcing the judgment tore down the couple’s house and confiscated their oxen and plough. Other Mapuche people have had their access to water and transport restricted and even been prohibited from lighting fires.

The company claims it has set land aside for the Mapuches – impoverished and nomadic rural workers who eke out a living from agriculture and cattle – though the Mapuches claim they’re only being given back land that was stolen from them in the first place.
“We don’t want or need Benetton’s donation. We want a restitution of our land. We want reparation for the land that was taken away from us.”

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