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International Shorts 3

Start: 30 May 2012

Venue: HMS President

30 May 2012
HMS President
020 7583 1918
Victoria Embankment, London, United Kingdom, EC4Y 0HJ


The Honey Hunting

World Premiere
Lotta Granbom | , | 14 mins

The Honey Hunting is a short ethnographic film about Musa and his large family living on an island in the Andaman Sea, a part of Thailand. The island has, in just a few short years, become a popular destination for tourists. The family lives on the seaward side in one of the few villages where Westerners have not yet come to stay. But with the cost of living going up and the fish harvest going down the family is forced to find other ways to get by. In the film we accompany Musa and his sons into the jungle on a honey collecting expedition. But reaching the hive and its honeycomb high in a tree - and dealing with its angry tenants - is a skilled and risky business; a sight to be seen.
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Suburban Swingers

European Premiere
Lucas Santo, Michael Welfle | | 8 mins

Prior to marrying Matt at age 20, Sara hadn’t had any sexual partners; a gap in her experience the couple felt needed to change. Six years later, the two are part owners of a swingers’ club and have been swinging for the past three years. Having built a career out of their passion for swinging, all has seemed well for the young suburban couple, but with Sara’s first pregnancy they are forced to rethink the morality of their current lifestyle...

Sherry and Larry are the proud parents of four children and have been married for the past 17 years. After falling into a monotonous and dull rut in their marriage they found an escape through the swinging lifestyle. But as their children are getting older and asking more and more questions, Sherry and Larry fear that their kids may discover why mom dresses so provocatively at night...
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Wild Lilly

UK Premiere
Sanne Rovers | | 15 mins

With her mother and brothers Robbin and Melvin, Lilly lives in a squatter community deep in the woods, with boundless freedom to roam around the bushes and build fires in the backyard. When the squat is evicted, Lilly has to say goodbye to her native ground. Their house is torn down and after a final exuberant party Lilly's family moves to a conventional terraced house. It's quite a change for Lilly. Can she find her freedom once again between the paving stones and the brick walls?

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UK Premiere
Kiro Russo | | 18 mins

The dark the screen appears impenetrable, then a light appears. Deep in the darkness a man moves. He's got a lamp. His light illuminates the rocks that fill the screen. He lifts his pick-axe in the confined space. This is what it is to be a miner in Posokoni, the largest tin mine in Bolivia.

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Not Hotel Art

World Premiere
Isabella Wing-Davey | | 5 mins

A short documentary about the interaction between culture and the corporate world. The film follows one project of a New York Corporate Art firm, as they pick and install art for a large media company in Philadelphia. It's a wry look at the function of art in the workplace and those who promote it.

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Better on the Inside

European Premiere
Christopher Haysom | | 6 mins

Graham has Sotos syndrome; similar to autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 3 and he has just celebrated his 29th birthday.

The film explores the social, cultural and personal aspects of the relationships people share with those who have a disability. It does so from the perspectives of three individuals. The mother, drafted into the role of full time carer for 29 years. The younger sister, coming to terms with her brother's disability and learning to communicate with him. And her boyfriend, the outsider who has no prior experience with special needs.
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