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UK Shorts 1

Start: 27 May 2012 5:30 pm

Venue: Portobello PopUP Cinema

27 May 2012 5:30 pm
Portobello PopUP Cinema
274 Portobello Road,, London, United Kingdom, W10 5TY

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London Premiere Watch trailer
Afarin Eghbal | | 9 mins

In a small apartment in Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, horrific circumstances mean she is forced to wait over 30 years.

Abuelas explores the traumatic ramifications of General Videla's military dictatorship in Argentina from 1976-83, whereby an estimated 30,000 men, women and children, 'disappeared'.

Using real-life testimonials from members of the 'Grandmothers of May Square', this animated-documentary raises issues of memory and loss. The film is testament to the extraordinary tenacity of these women, who continue fighting for the truth about their missing relatives.

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European Premiere
Tom Pietrasik | 3:04mins mins

For many Indian men, a visit to the barber shop involves more than just a haircut.

Filmed over the course of a weekend in a lower middle-class suburb of New Delhi and with music by A.R. Rahman, "Saloon" offers an affectionate glimpse inside the Indian barber shop: an institution dedicated to male-pampering.

With little room for modesty, this apparently private world plays host to a very public displays of grooming and preening. Working to the sound of Bollywood theme-tunes emanating from a radio or the TV, the barbers transport their customers to a world beyond their mundane, day-to-day concerns. As they recline in leatherette chairs, pampered clients appear oblivious to the barber's sober efficiency as he cuts and trims, lathers and shaves, kneads and strokes.

Some arrive at these rose-scented salons intent on just a haircut but few leave without at least yielding to the pleasures of a coconut-oil head-massage. For many customers, a shave is incomplete unless accompanied by a facial, and a treatment flawed if unruly eyebrows are left untamed by painful threading.
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Gokula – A Place on Earth for Cows

World Premiere Watch trailer
Donna Lipowitz | | 11 mins

In 1972 George Harrison donated New Gokul Farm in the grounds of the Bhaktivedante Manor to Hare Krishna devotees. Today the farm is managed by Syam who uses oxen to plough the fields and other traditional farming methods. As interest in ethically raised livestock and organic produce increases New Gokul Farm offers a glimpse of an alternative, sustainable lifestyle.

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Vielas Coloridas

World Premiere
Philip Ilic | 00:08:00 mins

Follow Eduardo, one man with a mission: To inspire hope in favela communities in Brazil through Art. Meet the favela inhabitants. Listen to their hopes, dreams, and mistakes while they transform their community.

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The Clockmaker

World Premiere
Adam Haggerty | | 4 mins

'The Clockmaker’ is an intimate look at Ray Savage’s relationship with his now deceased wife. A clockmaker, working in Derby for 40 years. we see Ray surrounded by the objects that remind us all that time is slipping away.

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Voiceless Reel

Valentina Ippolito | | 00:03:17 mins

Veteran projectionist Graham Lee recalls his experiences of the hidden world of cinema in a documentary produced by Valentina Ippolito.

He recounts his cinematic experiences as part of Voiceless Reel, a documentary about 3D projection technology. The film encapsulates Graham’s passion for the cinema as he talks about its history and how technology has affected the way in which we receive, consume or engage with films.

Hypnotic shots of rotating reels unfold the busy workday of Graham - a 3D cinema projectionist who works at the state-of-the-art Giant Screen at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

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Kirkcaldy Man

London Premiere Watch trailer
Julian Schwanitz | | 17:30 mins

Who is Jocky Wilson? 

20 years ago every child in Kirkcaldy, on the east coast of Scotland, could answer this question. One of the best darts players ever, world champion in 1982 and 1989 – a hero of an entire nation. But, in '95 Jocky paid the price for his self destructive life style. Suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and depression he retired into a reclusive existence. In search of his myth, we follow the forces that shaped Jocky's hometown and its inhabitants as we discover lost memories of the man who once inspired the nation.

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