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What it takes to make a man step outside of his 9-5 job and follow a regime that will put both his physical and mental fitness to the ultimate test

Who are the men who choose to become White Collar Boxers? Some want to prove something to themselves or the schoolyard bullies of their past, others just want to make their families proud. This film is a study of human nature, masculinity and courage set to a backdrop of arguably one of the toughest sports in the world. There are no plush gyms here, no coffee bars -the air conditioning is a hole in the window. To stay warm you train hard! Real men putting themselves to the ultimate physical and mental test to find out what kind of men they really are.

Film Credits

Directors: Jose Macerola, Richard da Costa

Producers: Anna Shearer

Photography: Richard da Costa

Editing: Richard da Costa

Sound: Lee Pomeroy, Stephen J. Pomeroy

Music: Stephen J. Pomeroy

Production Company: Dramatic Solutions


Subtitles: No

Voiceover: No



Length: 14 min

Colour: Yes


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Arena Screening:

  • Mon16May

    at Roxy Bar and Screen

    16 May 2011 8:30 pm

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