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A close up look at Chris Burden's spectacular action-sculpture Beam Drop placing the viewer at the heart of the action.

For over 40 years Chris Burden has pushed the limits of sculpture, establishing himself as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary art. His provocative performances in the 1970s shook the art world and have since become iconic. Over the next three decades Burden continued to redefine sculpture with an exciting array of assemblages, installations, scientific models and kinetic works.

This film takes an in depth look at the creation of Burden's latest large-scale work, Beam Drop Antwerp. Regarded by many as Burden’s most visually exciting piece Beam Drop Antwerp consists of hundreds of steel construction beams dropped from a height of more than 150 feet into a pool of wet cement. Created in front of a live audience at Antwerp's Middelheim Museum, the piece is a massive, spectacular, violent, thought provoking, beautiful and potentially dangerous work. It stands as a highlight in a celebrated career spanning four decades.

In documenting the preparations, the execution and the finished piece this film gives a fascinating insight into the artistic process of one of the most original talents in contemporary art. We examine the technical challenges involved, the inspiration for the piece and how it relates to Burden’s broader body of work. The film culminates with close up view of the piece’s creation from every angle, placing the viewer right at the heart of the action.

Film Credits

Directors: Tim Marrinan, Richard Dewey

Producers: Tim Marrinan, Richard Dewey

Photography: Brian Kaufman

Editing: Carl Pfirman

Production Company: Screen Print Pictures


Best Documentary - Southern California Film Festival


UK Classification: None

Subtitles: No

Voiceover: No


Length: 10 min

Colour: Yes


Keywords: ,

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Beam Drop Screening:

  • Tue24May

    at Roxy Bar and Screen

    24 May 2011 6:30 pm

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