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Another world awaits beyond the sea. For 19-year-old Heidi that world is Argentina.

The world is full of longing for places that are not located on any map. 19-year-old Heidi from the Dolomites sets out to follow such a longing and ends up in Necochea, Argentina. There she imagines she will find what doesn't exist in her previous life, a warm, loving environment. Her escape 'from what one is depressed of" turns into a confrontation with foreign customs and needs, and ultimately herself. Heidi meets the challenge in her own way. A measured, engaging portrait of a young girl alienated from her mother and seeking liberation "beyond the sea".

Film Credits

Directors: Veronika Kaserer

Producers: Georg Zeller

Photography: Jakob Stark

Editing: Nela Märki

Sound: Manuela Wilpernig, Veronika Kaserer

Production Company: ZeLIG - School of documentary, television and new media


Orginal Title: Hinter dem Meer

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: No

Country: ,

Language: , ,

Length: 52 min

Colour: Yes



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Beyond the Sea Screening:

  • Tue24May

    at The Horse Hospital

    24 May 2011 8:30 pm

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