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"You reap what you sow" Paul “Scruffy” Pulford is a successful gardener and ex-heroin addict who conquered his demons by understanding the laws of nature that he once pushed to the limits.

Paul Scruffy is an ex- heroin addict who lived on the streets of London for seven years. He was given a glimpse of escape and inspiration when a social worker asked him which things made him most happy when he was a child.

He remembered that he had wanted to work with nature. This memory took root in his mind and gave him the determination to kick his addiction and start growing trees, wildflower gardens, and vegetable patches in hostels and inner city schools around London.

Today Paul runs a gardening group, whose members are ex-users trying to leave their dark past behind them, gaining inspiration from growing trees. In 2010 Paul’s group was asked to take part in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London and were commissioned to create a garden at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Film Credits

Directors: Santiago Posada

Producers: Dorothea Gibbs

Photography: Santiago Posada

Editing: Santiago Posada

Sound: Romain Buchot

Music: Anthony Burke

Production Company: Third Channel


UK Classification: None

Subtitles: No

Voiceover: No



Length: 11.16 min

Colour: Yes


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