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The voice here is that of those who still try to create “cinema d’auteur” in Greece.

After a long career of working as a first assistant, notably with T. Angelopoulos, Margarita Manda shoots her first feature film. In spite of the tough financial conditions a team made up of friends joins her in this adventure. They beg steal and borrow. Is it still possible to create a cinema d’auteur in Greece? The backdrop is the harsh economic reality of the country, and the struggle attests to the resourcefulness of any filmmaker. Echoes of Truffaut’s Night for Day flicker in the margins and the film is a joyful peon to art as a shared endeavour.

Film Credits

Directors: Nicolas Ploumpidis

Producers: Nicolas Ploumpidis

Photography: Nicolas Ploumpidis

Editing: Nicolas Ploumpidis

Sound: Nicolas Ploumpidis


Orginal Title: Κινηματογραφώντας, ενας καθημερινός αγώνας

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: No



Length: 30 min

Colour: Yes

Keywords: , , , , ,

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