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Chino is Cuban, he is also deaf and having trouble supporting his family. When Jose, a Mexican tourist, falls in love with him, Chino sees the chance for a better life. He discusses the possibility of immigrating to Mexico with his wife. We follow Chino as he moves within the small community of deaf people, where his friends respond frankly to Chino's plans. While Jose is in Mexico making arrangements for him to immigrate, Chino and his wife talk about their future. Can they already ask Jose for some money for a car? Who will help Chino get a job once he's in Mexico? Who is going to fix things in the house? Would it be sensible to practice safe sex, now that Chino is also having sex with a man? The family muddles along as they await developments. Meanwhile, Jose finds himself contending with his own questions. Is Chino really in love with him, or is he after his money? And is it right to start a family this way?

Film Credits

Directors: Eric Brach


Subtitles: Yes

Country: ,


Length: 61 min

Colour: Yes

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Habana Muda Screening:

  • Sun27May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    27 May 2012 9:00 pm

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