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About ten thousand people enter daily into Posokoni, the largest tin mine in Bolivia, and make their way into primordial darkness.

The dark the screen appears impenetrable, then a light appears. Deep in the darkness a man moves. He's got a lamp. His light illuminates the rocks that fill the screen. He lifts his pick-axe in the confined space. This is what it is to be a miner in Posokoni, the largest tin mine in Bolivia.

Film Credits

Directors: Kiro Russo

Producers: Miguel Hilari

Photography: Pablo Paniagua

Editing: Pablo Paniagua - Kiro Russo

Sound: Kiro Russo

Music: Carlos Gutierres

Production Company: Universidad del cine


Spetial Mention Kino Forum Sao Paulo short film festival 2012- Best Shortfilm Ficaunam Mexico 2012- Best Shortfilm Indielisboa 2012


Orginal Title: Juku

UK Classification: None

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: Yes



Length: 18 min

Colour: Yes

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Juku Screening:

  • Wed30May

    at HMS President

    30 May 2012

  • Wed30May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    30 May 2012 2:00 pm

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