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“Why should I force myself to be modern?” – asks Rudolf Korokraks for whom it is important not to be regarded as a Salzburg artist, but as an artist who has been stranded in Salzburg.

Impressive pictures and interviews provide information about his artistic work and the unintentional passion
with which he paints his cities, landscapes and portraits.

As a companion of Oskar Kokoschka, Kortokraks´ methodology of education has always been linked to the Schule des Sehens.

The film portrays the different stages in his life and accompanies the 84-year old painter, who today lives in Maria Plain, withdrawn and impoverished, on moving journeys. In England he opens a depot with hundreds of paintings which had been locked away for decades. There he also meets his wife and daughters, who give deep insight into Kortokraks´ character. In France the painter recalls his happy, uncompromising Storm and Stress period. And in Italy the viewer gets to know some real friends, admirers and his muse.

Film Credits

Directors: Petra Hinterberger

Producers: Petra Hinterberger

Photography: Markus Stoffel, Petra Hinterberger

Music: Christoph Burgstaller, Martin Eberle, Martin Heinzle, Klaus Paier

Production Company: Zenofilm


Orginal Title: Kortokraks - ich bin einfach noch nicht tot genug!

Subtitles: Yes


Language: , ,

Length: 67 min

Colour: Yes

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