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Since 1993, and their expulsion from Abkhazia, one hundred and fifty families of refugees have inhabited a disused building, alike a shipwreck, by a lake. In the periphery of the capital city (Tbilisi), these men and women live there, forgotten and as strangers in this isolated land. They form a community of the uprooted, who practice solidarity as their sole means of survival. The film follows them in their daily lives. They reveal of exile. They make us rub shoulders with their ghosts, memories, hopes and their new beginnings.

Film Credits

Directors: Tamuna Jalaghania, Valerie Leon

Producers: Okup'Art

Photography: Giorgi Beridze

Music: Dato Khositashvili

Production Company: Okup'Art


Orginal Title: Vies en Transit

Subtitles: Yes

Country: ,

Language: ,

Length: 33 min

Colour: Yes

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Lives in Transit Screening:

  • Tue17May

    at The Gopher Hole

    17 May 2011 8:30 pm

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