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The arrival of noisy visitors shatters the peace of a tranquil village.

An old couple sit in front of their house observing nature and commenting on village life. They have been living in this wooden house all their life. One day their peace is shattered by the arrival of some very noisy visitors ......

Film Credits

Directors: Julia Popławska

Producers: Katarzyna Ślesicka

Photography: Andrzej Popławski, Grzegorz Borowski

Editing: Grzegorz Liwiński

Sound: Zbigniew Sadowski, Andrzej Osowiecki

Music: -

Production Company: Andrzej Wajda Studio & Film Studio


Orginal Title: Oj Boże, drogi Boże

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: No



Length: 12 min

Colour: Yes


Keywords: , ,

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Oh God, Dear God Screening:

  • Sun22May

    at The Tricycle Theatre

    22 May 2011 2:00 pm

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