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This portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai-warriors.

This moving portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai-warriors. In its entire complexity and variety the daily routine as well as the cycle of its accompanying shows for the tourists are demonstrated with the stylistic means of Direct Cinema - for which the script of director Gabriele Neudecker has been awarded. “Really hard be good Masai” is a chronicle of young Morani-warriors and a panorama of role-aspects between being guardian of tradition, modern teenager and tourist attraction.

The viewer is placed in the middle of the action when young Morani-warriors put on quite a show for the tourists and try to energize their audience. Characteristic of the film´s complexity is the depiction of making fire: over five minutes in length, we can see the young Morani are not familiar with this old tradition of fire lighting. “Really hard be good Masai” is direct cinema in a literal sense: a direct film that carries the viewer along, and without a manipulative soundtrack or the filmmaker’s intervention.

Film Credits

Directors: Gabriele Neudecker

Producers: Veresa Radosawljewitsch, Paul Moshi

Photography: Gabriele Neudecker

Editing: Christine Neudecker

Sound: Gabriele Neudecker

Music: young Masai warriors

Production Company: Drehbuchwerkstatt Salzburg + Pimp the Pony Productions in Mombasa


Best script


Subtitles: Yes

Country: ,


Length: 10 min

Colour: Yes


Keywords: , , , , ,

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Really Hard be a Good Masai Screening:

  • Wed18May

    at The Horse Hospital

    18 May 2011 6:30 pm

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