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Two couples from different generations have found an escape from life's monotony by embracing the swinging community. However, as their circumstances change they are confronted with questions about the viability of their lifestyle choice.

Prior to marrying Matt at age 20, Sara hadn’t had any sexual partners; a gap in her experience the couple felt needed to change. Six years later, the two are part owners of a swingers’ club and have been swinging for the past three years. Having built a career out of their passion for swinging, all has seemed well for the young suburban couple, but with Sara’s first pregnancy they are forced to rethink the morality of their current lifestyle...

Sherry and Larry are the proud parents of four children and have been married for the past 17 years. After falling into a monotonous and dull rut in their marriage they found an escape through the swinging lifestyle. But as their children are getting older and asking more and more questions, Sherry and Larry fear that their kids may discover why mom dresses so provocatively at night...

Film Credits

Directors: Lucas Santo, Michael Welfle

Producers: Michael Welfle, Lucas Santo

Photography: Josh Tenn-Yuk

Editing: Andrew Glenn Miller

Sound: Patrick Terry, Cameron Peters, Riley Wignall, Katie Williams

Music: OLE Clear, 5 Alarm Music, APM Music

Production Company: Orange Peel Pictures


Subtitles: No

Voiceover: Yes



Length: 8 min

Colour: Yes


Keywords: , , , , ,

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Suburban Swingers Screening:

  • Wed30May

    at HMS President

    30 May 2012

  • Wed30May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    30 May 2012 2:00 pm

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