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A renowned Iraqi painter, displaced by war, longs for his past while his young daughter carries only a fading memory of her birthplace.

In the aftermath of the Iraq war, Abdul Ameer Alwan seeks asylum in the USA. There he experiences overwhelming isolation and anonymity. A renowned painter in his native Iraq, his artwork had been inspired by routine encounters in his neighbourhood. Now, living abroad, he is disconnected from the source of his creativity. Meanwhile, his young daughter Aman, born just weeks before the 2003 invasion, has spent most of her life outside Iraq and retains only the faintest understanding of her country of birth. The film explores a relationship between a father and a daughter through the themes of memory, culture, identity, and displacement.

Film Credits

Directors: Ramtin Nikzad

Producers: Ramtin Nikzad, Tina Kaviani

Photography: Ramtin Nikzad

Editing: Ramtin Nikzad

Sound: James Talambas

Music: Ameer Alwan

Production Company: Ramtin Nikzad


Third Prize for Short Documentary: Athens Film and Video Festival



Language: ,

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  • Sat26May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    26 May 2012 5:30 pm

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