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A portrait of Cuba in its twilight hour, poised between a dated past and an uncertain future.

The state of twilight can be described as a period which simultaneously wanes, and yet remains. It's a period in which time seems to hold back and become frozen. This film is a portrait of that very twilight period in the nation of Cuba. It documents a country that is wandering between two worlds; one dead, and one powerless to be born.

As buildings crumble and revolutionaries age, an old man who has lived through the glory of the nation's past now observes the stagnation and weariness that pervade his beloved city, Havana. The film captures Cuba poised between a past that has lost its meaning and a future that remains uncertain.

Film Credits

Directors: Heather McIntosh, Laura Wayne, Gerardo Carballo Valiño, Giovanbattista Tusa and Kenny Ozier Lafontaine

Producers: Iván Valdina

Photography: Mayangdi Inzaulgarat

Editing: Joanna Montero

Sound: Efrén Bravo

Production Company: Escuela Internacional de CIne y Television (EICTV)


Orginal Title: Crepusculo

UK Classification: None

Subtitles: No

Voiceover: No


Length: 7:40 min

Colour: Yes

Keywords: , , , , ,

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  • Wed18May

    at The Horse Hospital

    18 May 2011 8:30 pm

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