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Kortokraks – I’m just not dead enough!

Petra Hinterberger |

“Why should I force myself to be modern?” – asks Rudolf Korokraks for whom it is important not to be regarded as a Salzburg artist, but as an artist who....

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IBIZA Occident


In the Hollywood of electronic music, musicians, DJs, gogos and promoters are working on a sophisticated entertainment machine to satisfy stressed-out Western society's desire for fun, sex and freedom.

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Little Alien

Nina Kusturica |

They’re alive. Because they fled. Teenagers Juma and Hishame attempt an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, hiding in the chassis of a truck. Ahmed, Nura, Achmad and Asha have managed....

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Annja Krautgasser |

The camp, home to Roma and located in Rome’s Centocello neighborhood, represents normality. The world outside is a “hobby” and they don’t know precisely what it is. Or it’s a....

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The Future Will Not Be Capitalist

Sasha Pirker |

The setting is Paris, seat of the Communist party headquarters in France. The building designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1980’s has long since been recognized as an architectural icon....

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Really Hard be a Good Masai

Gabriele Neudecker | ,

This portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai-warriors.

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Hitchhike the Wind

Nikolai Friedrich, Michael Friedrich, Nina Rath | ,

Five young adventurers are heading for a unique sailing trip. They want to cross the central steppe of Kazakhstan - in a car, using only wind power.

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