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2 Angels

Ramazi Baranov | ,


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17 Not Required Indians

Soniya Kirpalani |

Seventeen Indians are given the death penalty for the alleged murder of a compatriot in UAE. Their trial takes us into the unseen world of modern-day slavery....

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Gadi Lohardaga Mail

Biju Toppo, Meghmath |

An emotional journey with the travellers reminiscing about the train and the memories associated with it.

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War and Peace

Anand Patwardhan |

Filmed over three tumultuous years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the USA - WAR & PEACE is an epic documentary journey of peace activism in the face of global....

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Certified Universal

Avijit Mukul Kishore |

The city of Bombay is a living film set that provides the backdrop for screen lives and real lives to unfold. ‘Certified Universal’ is a short film about the city’s....

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Surpriyo Sen | , ,

Each night the only bordercrossing between India and Pakistan on a 3000km stretch becomes the sight of an extraordinary event. Thousands of people gather to witness the ritual closing of....

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Vertical City

Avijit Mukul Kishore |

A visual essay on the architecture of contemporary Bombay. The State imagined these constructions as the realisation of an urban utopia, but in the far suburb of the city residents....

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Cowboys in India

Simon Chambers |

Often described as "The Real Avatar", tribals take on British mining giant Vedanta in a funny and revealing saga on Indian development.

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A Formal Film in Nine Episodes, Prologue & Epilogue

Mario Pfeifer |

A FORMAL FILM IN NINE EPISODES, PROLOGUE & EPILOGUE describes a contemporary Asian Metropolis through an observational, anthropological approach of filmmaking.

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