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Other Than Our Sea

Valentina Ferrandes |

From the relics of an ancient greek colony in Southern Italy, to modern day shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea, a story of exploration told through fragments of classical literature, flashes....

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Ordinary Variations

Anna Marziano | ,

Roubaix, a city with an industrial past, is today one of France’s most destitute areas. During six months, the filmmaker asked the townspeople to think of one or more sentences....

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A Mao e a Luva – The Story of a Book Trafficker

Roberto Orazi |

"A Mao e a Luva" is the book that inspired our protagonist, Ricardo Gomez Ferraz, to start a silent revolution in one of the most dangerous Brazilian shantytowns. He collected....

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Paying Your Dues – The Cost of Protection

Marco Battaglia, Gianluca Donati, Laura Schimmenti, Andrea Zulini |

The Mafia enriches itself in many ways, one of these is the demand for Pizzo, the Sicilian slang term for protection money. In Palermo 80% of businesses are believed to....

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Vittorio, Captain Pistone and All the Others

Mara Consoli |

Vittorio is a man full of life, a character – he also suffers from Alzheimers. A daughter touchingly records the last months and weeks of his life. A humorous and....

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The Summer of Giacomo

Alessandro Comodin | , ,

It's summer in the countryside of north-eastern Italy. Nineteen year-old Giacomo, deaf since childhood, and Stephanie, his childhood friend, go to the river for a picnic. As if in an enchanted....

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Carlo Luglio |

The film is a musical journey with Enzo Gragnaniello through the magic, mythology and history of the Neapolitan underworld. Gragnaniello, together with the Sud Express, mixes his own music....

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Atelier Colla

Pietro De Tilla, Guglielmo Trupia, Elvio Manuzzi |

The sheer daily hard work of the company Carlo Colla & Figli is filmed on the quiet, in front of and behind the scenes, with empathy and respect, in the Atelier laboratory.....

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INDIGNADOS. Como nace una protesta

Miko Meloni | ,

A group of citizens are protesting to defend their homes against the bank's abuses in the context of Indignados demonstrations.

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Chelsea McMullan |

"Milo Manara tells the story behind his illustrating Federico Fellini's vision of afterlife"

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