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Krzysztof Kadłubowski |

On April 10th, 2011, the first unsettling news about the air catastrophe concerning the government plane Tu-154 breaks across Poland. On board the plane there was the President of the....

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Tomasz Wolski |

What happens behind the closed doors of surgical wards, treatment rooms and other spaces where specialist medical consultations take place? The film follows the everyday work of doctors in a surgical ward:....

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Tonia and Her Children

Marcel Lozinski |

The story of siblings growing up in the orphanage due to their mother's political commitment and detention.

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Themerson & Themerson

Wiktoria Szymanska | , ,

The documentary presents us with two British artists of Polish origin: the late Stefan and Franciska Themerson.

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Declaration of Immortality

Marcin Koszalka |

A moving story of Polish climber Piotr Korczak that shows the inability to come to terms with old age and about desire of immortality.

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Piotr Bernas |

The documentary story of the Polish Paparazzi.

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Vakha and Magomed

Marta Prus |

Two immigrants in Warsaw - a father and a son and their daily struggle

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The Last Day of Summer

Piotr Stasik |

Young students of the cadet school in Penza stepping into adult life.

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Phnom Penh Lullaby

Pawel Kloc |

An intimate story of a man looking for love and acceptance.

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A Screening at the Tatry Cinema

Igor Chojna |

Dariusz Ambroszczyk runs one of the oldest cinemas in Łódź – Tatry. He is boss of the cinema and its only employee at the same time, so among his duties....

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