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Afarin Eghbal |

An old woman looks forward to becoming a grandmother. However, historic events force her to wait over 30 years.

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Voiceless Reel

Valentina Ippolito |

Veteran projectionist Graham Lee recalls his experiences of the hidden world of cinema in a documentary produced by Valentina Ippolito.

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‘Why I had an FGC’

Suzanne Cohen |

A poignant animated documentary using the voices of vulnerable young people, commissioned by the UK Social Services.

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Under the Cranes

Emma-Louise Williams |

A wonderfully life-affirming film-poem about Hackney, its people, its streets and its history.

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Her Master’s Voice

Nina Conti | ,

Ventriloquist Nina Conti, takes the bereaved puppets of her ex lover Ken Campbell to the strangest graveyard on earth.

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Drive-in Dreams

Anna Bowman |

A failed Modernist car park becomes a space for small businesses to develop new dreams.

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Under your skin

Cristina Picchi |

An immersive audio-visual experience explores carefully chosen Olympic sports for London 2012 from a fresh angle.

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Sailing Lessons

Lina Žilinskaitė | ,

A self portrait, this short film explores the gap between dreams and reality. It is an elegy for the beautiful world promised to us in the childhood and the....

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A Way with Voices

Rose Tate |

Peter tells us about the voices he has heard since he was a child. A moving and challenging portrait of mental illness.

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Rob Curry, Anthony Fletcher |

o brave new world, that hath such people in it...

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