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Old Wild Lorenz

Alessandro Soetje |

Old Wild Lorenz portrays with a curious and watchful eye the world of an artist-farmer who lives in solitude on tourism, and whose works of art -- made of stones,....

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Kortokraks – I’m just not dead enough!

Petra Hinterberger |

“Why should I force myself to be modern?” – asks Rudolf Korokraks for whom it is important not to be regarded as a Salzburg artist, but as an artist who....

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The Safest Nuclear Power Plant in the World

Helena Hufnage |

There is a nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, Austria. Since 1978 the plant has been ready for operation. Shortly before it’s official opening popular protest prevented the start up of....

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Space Station

Felicitas Sonvilla |

Experimental documentary about a space station.

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Waidmannsheil: ‘Hail to the Good Shooter’

Klaas Boelen |

As the exciting adventures of a group of bourgeois hunters in a dense Belgian forest unfold, power and weakness go hand in hand in one of the most primitive experiences of being human.

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IBIZA Occident


In the Hollywood of electronic music, musicians, DJs, gogos and promoters are working on a sophisticated entertainment machine to satisfy stressed-out Western society's desire for fun, sex and freedom.

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Dorothea Carl I Claudia Reiche |

Demolition of buildings in Hamburg offer spectacles of precise destruction. The film adds in-depth interviews of those affected.

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Aris Chatzistefanou, Katerina Kitidi |

The causes of the Greek debt crisis and solutions sidelined by the mainstream media

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Arne Körner |

End of the line as warehouseman; portrait of a failed entrepreneur.

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The Chewing Gum Man

Ana de la Válgoma Romero |

“Sometimes things are not what they seem to be at first sight. When I first noticed Ben Wilson, I thought he was homeless. But sometimes you just have to take a closer look at things.”

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