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Kortokraks – I’m just not dead enough!

Petra Hinterberger |

“Why should I force myself to be modern?” – asks Rudolf Korokraks for whom it is important not to be regarded as a Salzburg artist, but as an artist who....

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Paying Your Dues – The Cost of Protection

Marco Battaglia, Gianluca Donati, Laura Schimmenti, Andrea Zulini |

The Mafia enriches itself in many ways, one of these is the demand for Pizzo, the Sicilian slang term for protection money. In Palermo 80% of businesses are believed to....

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Vittorio, Captain Pistone and All the Others

Mara Consoli |

Vittorio is a man full of life, a character – he also suffers from Alzheimers. A daughter touchingly records the last months and weeks of his life. A humorous and....

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The Summer of Giacomo

Alessandro Comodin | , ,

It's summer in the countryside of north-eastern Italy. Nineteen year-old Giacomo, deaf since childhood, and Stephanie, his childhood friend, go to the river for a picnic. As if in an enchanted....

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Carlo Luglio |

The film is a musical journey with Enzo Gragnaniello through the magic, mythology and history of the Neapolitan underworld. Gragnaniello, together with the Sud Express, mixes his own music....

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The mutability of all things and the possibility of changing some

Anna Marziano |

A poetical-political experience taking place in L'Aquila, an italian town struck by an earthquake: everyone has to face the change, someone get the opportunity to live it.

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In the Garden of Sounds

Nicola Bellucci |

A touching, poetic exploration of the relationship between mind, body and sound, and a cinematic journey to the borders of communication

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Their Christmas

Gaetano Di Vaio |

The everyday lives of Neapolitan women whose men are in jail

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Beyond the Sea

Veronika Kaserer | ,

Another world awaits beyond the sea. For 19-year-old Heidi that world is Argentina.

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Francesco Cavaliere | ,

Stories of civil resistance in Scampia, the notoriuous suburban district in Naples described in Roberto Saviano’s novel “Gomorrah”.

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